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The Persuasive ESSAY #PM

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"When a black wolf appears to you in a vision, during a mediation, or in a dream, listen carefully to what he has to say."


It could happen to any of us. We feel satisfied with where we are, who we’re with and then you realize that you’re becoming too large for the space you occupy. You can remain stagnant or move on to something that will give you more room for growth. You love the place and the person and the circumstance that you have made your home, but you know you can be so much bigger. You can stick to what you know or you can leave yourself exposed and alone in order to place yourself where your potential will not be hindered. If you move on you’re not selfish. You’re not afraid. You’re not a fool. It is just… our nature.

Not Yet

The looks of adoration. You’re peering right through. My attention diverted to your gaze. Don’t. Come. Closer. Stay there. Let me wonder. Allow me to go crazy in anticipatory assumptions. Deny me the peace I seek from confirmation, but coax my confrontation to your coyness. Exhale smoke that wanes my inhibition. You smell… And you smell like the like heavens. And you smell my inferiority as you grin that elitist grin that you grin. God knows I feel so. He knows too that I’m brimming with as much pride as my cup is courage and I’ll be damned if I’m to let a sip or two make me your fool- even a queen. Deny me. Don’t let them know you feel me. Stay untouchable and make the climax more alluring. Love anyone but me. Make me envy. Cut me with your standards. Let down after let down make me feel like nothing but come. Close. Close enough for me to whisper “Come closer, so you can hear me above the music.” All just to whisper while you’re close enough to be my yin. Lord knows you can have my life. You can have my night. You can have my shine. You can have my light… but only to smoke. Please breathe fumes intoxicating me; raping my will and creating feelings out of my general spectrum. Plead me to lead you through flirtatious bickering. Cease me. Destroy me down to my molecules and breathe me, but exhale smoke that personifies me in your dreams. Live in endless summer time with me. Burn alive in our passion, but lie to me. Say you don’t want me. Tell me I can’t have it. Push me to be perfection, use your faith as a weapon, and when I deserve you crucify me. Dye me flush tones. Scar my mind with your silhouette. Reach my bones through my flesh and return to me… just not yet. Tease me.


Live after the Boosie concert!

La familia. PM

Once upon a time, I went to spit poetry at @yobbi_yobbs church with a Boosie fade… This fade was as legendary as my poetry.

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